Brit Bag - Assorted British Candy Mix

Brit Bag - Assorted British Candy Mix

Try this fun snack bag filled with British treats! All the candy bars contained within the bag are full sized bars. 
🍫Cadbury Flake - delicate, crumbly flaked and rolled milk chocolate

🍫Nestle Lion Bar - caramel filled wafer covered in milk chocolate with rice crispies

🍫Bounty Bar - Coconut filling wrapped in milk chocolate.

🍫Maltesers - honeycombed malt biscuit balls, coated in milk chocolate

🍫Refreshers -  fizzy fruity hard candy 

🍫Cadbury Wispa - milk chocolate with tiny dense air bubbles

🍫Cadbury Double Decker - two layers contained within milk chocolate, the lower layer is made of cereal crispies, and the upper layer is nougat.

🍫Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut - chocolate bar with almonds and raisins 

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